Not So Work

There’s a lapse of things to do at work. Unfortunately the boss is too busy to advance the website work right now, and there are not enough other things to do right now. I might be out of a job for a while.

I’ll be fine though I think. For now. And unless the boss is lying to me, and I don’t think he is, I’ll get to resume work once there’s more things to do. So hopefully I wont have to search for another job, because I really like this one.

I’ve been at home since yesterday, but I might get to come in tomorrow for some work, and hopefully there will be more things to do before too long.

They’re going to be replacing the locks in the apartments here next week apparently. That means I need to get the key back from my friend that’s holding onto it for me. I obviously have one key, and I’ve lost the third one I received… I hope they wont notice there is one missing. I don’t know if they actually keep track of how many keys there are for each apartment. I got all of them at the same time, so I have no idea.

If they ask I can’t really do anything other than tell them that I lost it and haven’t gotten it back. But at least when I dropped it it wasn’t attached to anything, and it was in a different city, so there’s pretty much no way anyone who found it would be able to figure out what it’s for. Hopefully it wont cause any issues, like me having to pay a fee for loosing it or something like that.

Life Things

A not-so-brief update on my life.

I’ve not written anything in a while. I realize I didn’t have a distinct plan for this blog thing when I set it up. It seems I’ve decided it’ll be a mix of personal stuff and posts about various projects.

Things are happening, good things! I just left a part-time job, that I held for about a month and a half, for a full time job at a place I worked earlier this year. At the time they weren’t able to keep two programmers on board, but now the other programmer left for a different job and I got to replace him.

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Honest Work!

A short update about what’s been happening recently.

Hello! As usual it’s been a while since the last entry. Almost 2 months.

But I’ve been busy with things, also as usual. I have a number of my own projects to do, websites to work on, applications to develop, other things. I also now have a job. My first real job, at least as far as I’m concerned. Continue reading “Honest Work!”