I’ve changed how the bottom part of the page looks a bit. I think it’s a bit nicer, but not 100% satisfied with it. Not much I can do at the moment though since I’ve yet again run out of ideas for it.

I’ve also made the center hex do something. When clicked, assuming you have javascript enabled (which the rest of the page doesn’t require), a popup will appear with some contact details in it, such as my email address. The reason this uses javascript is because I don’t want my contact details stored in the page on load to avoid them being scraped by bots. Instead when the hex is clicked a request is sent to a simple API endpoint I wrote, that fetches them and fills in the dialog before showing it.


Hey! I just updated my front page! By front page I mean the portal page at http://towerofawesome.org

The old one was one I designed early on when I first set my server up, and it’s stuck around since then. It wasn’t really bad-looking, but it wasn’t particularly pretty either. It used to be a lot worse, but I’ve changed a few things.

old-portal-screenshotAs you can see. Simple and functional. The logo used to be gigantic, taking up well over 50% of the page height, which was terrible design. But eventually I realized and fixed it, resulting in what you see in this picture. I was young.

One of the problems with this is that it looks a bit messy. The icons are uniform in size and positioning, but not in their colors and overall design. This makes the page slightly unappealing. And like I said there is no focus on myself, just links to my various sites, which does little to represent me and what I do.

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