Counting more Art

So, the art-counter site broke slightly a few days ago. Nothing serious though.

I had just made a new drawing for the first time in quite a while (96 days) and when I added it to the counter I noticed that it hadn’t underlined the times and made them copy-able like it was supposed to.

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Slight artjustments

In the previous post I detailed how the modifiers have the ability to multiply the score bonus which is how it worked when I wrote the article. About a day after writing it though I changed how modifiers work. I decided that the multiplication business was too complicated.

Now a modifier just has one value, this value is multiplied by the input (such as the number of characters) and added to the total. The minimum threshold determines if the modifier should be displayed in the log or not. There is no point printing 1 character to the log. But anything above that will show.

That’s pretty much it, except some minor adjustments to the interface.

More art-counting


Hello! Here’s another update about the art-counter system! Just in case that interests anyone besides me! (Seems unlikely)

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Art for points

This entry is about how drawing something daily, which I realized I’d probably not be able to keep up with, lead to me creating a website for myself that would keep track of how much I’m supposed to have drawn.

This is the history of that site, and how it’s changed (pretty rapidly)

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The YouTube and it’s API

Like I described in this post I used to publish videos using an AutoHotkey script. Before that I did it manually of course, which worked fine when I only occasionally published videos. But once I needed to publish videos on time every other day (as my schedule was in the beginning) I needed an automated way of doing it. Thus I wrote the script, which in brief would read text files I would write containing the url of the video and named with the desired publish date. The script opened the URL in my browser on my laptop (not my main computer) and would essentially click the “publish” button on the videos edit page.

This worked for the most part, but sometimes the script would fail to publish a video, which wasn’t a big deal when I was at home and could have it retry immediately. But as I might not always be home, I knew I couldn’t continue relying on this script. And attempts to make it more reliable had failed.

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Past the 100th episode

It’s a new year! I changed the theme of this blog to one that was created for the new 2016 version of WordPress called “Twenty Sixteen”. I like it.

A bunch of things has happened since the last post. I’ve published over a hundred episodes of the Minecraft lets-play, I’ve started another lets-play series of Fallout 4, which then got suspended, replaced by a lets-play of the original Fallout. It’s fun.

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The Space Game

New possible backstory:

At some point a species of beings will have advanced and expanded to such a degree that their home planet can no longer sustain them.

Sometimes when this happens they just die out eventually. But for a small fraction of these species, a device crashes into their planet. Species who this has happened to have met and exchanged information, but no one knows where these devices come from.

The device, upon investigation turns out to be a massive computer. An artificial intelligence.

It shares information with the species and gives them a choice, use this new information and the last of their resources to send a select group of the population into space to survive. Or reject the technology and die.

Those who choose survival exhaust the last of the planets resources using this new technology made available through the AI to construct a massive ship. Now orbiting the planet like a moon awaiting it’s selected crew to arrive, and to part their own home, leaving the remainder of the population on a dead planet, a sacrifice for the future.

Now on their way to explore a vast new universe, free from the ties of their former home, free to do whatever they want!

Or are they…?

The Space Game Concepts

For those who don’t know what “the Space Game” is, it’s the working title for my browser based space game. And while I have made a couple of working prototypes none of them are currently in working condition.

I’m writing down my concepts here for reference and feedback. These are working ideas and may change at a whim.

These will probably mostly be about game mechanics but also some backstory of flavor of varying degrees.

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