The Space Game Concepts

For those who don’t know what “the Space Game” is, it’s the working title for my browser based space game. And while I have made a couple of working prototypes none of them are currently in working condition.

I’m writing down my concepts here for reference and feedback. These are working ideas and may change at a whim.

These will probably mostly be about game mechanics but also some backstory of flavor of varying degrees.

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The First post is about the internet

Alright… first post… what to write about?

How about the internet? The internet, as I’m sure we all know, is a giant blob of people. People use it to express their opinions, some more than others, for better and worse.

Some parts in particular are infamous for attracting the weirdest and/or loudest of people. Some may get an occasional visit. Some places are considered weird by others, but not by their inhabitants.

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