The First post is about the internet

Alright… first post… what to write about?

How about the internet? The internet, as I’m sure we all know, is a giant blob of people. People use it to express their opinions, some more than others, for better and worse.

Some parts in particular are infamous for attracting the weirdest and/or loudest of people. Some may get an occasional visit. Some places are considered weird by others, but not by their inhabitants.

I’ve noticed for example that some consider the art website deviantArt to be a strange and wicked place. Seemingly where only the most insane people gather over all manner of fetishes and such. And while this may be true to some extent there’s also a lot of artists that wouldn’t be considered strange and wicked by the general populace.

I’ve been a member of this website for years and use it to follow probably hundreds of amazing artists (I haven’t counted).

One of my favourites in the cartoony department is Jollyjack, who’s web-comic Sequential Art is one of my absolute favorites.

There’s a lot of places to express opinions out there. And a lot of opinions to be expressed. And almost any opinion will have someone who doesn’t agree. That’s to expect, but there’s also always some people who can’t leave an opinion alone. Some simply because they disagree with it, and some just because they think it’s being expressed in the wrong place.

I follow a few so called tech-blogs such as Lifehacker and Gizmodo. They are referred to as tech-blogs because their main focus is on technology and events centered on technology. But sometimes they post about other things, and sometimes you could question if that thing is really technology related or not. But ultimately it’s up to them what they post or not.

This is why I don’t get people who insist on complaining when they post about something that is arguably not tech related. I sift through probably more than a hundred posts per day from just five tech-blogs. It’s a hefty amount, and it takes time, that is why I don’t waste time stopping on posts that do not seem interesting. And I most certainly don’t waste even more time commenting on them just because it was about something I didn’t like for some reason.

That would be all for this time! See you whenever next she tolls Fore O’clock!

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