The First Move

So, as usual the frequency at which I write these is severely lacking. I should try to write more.

A significant thing has happened since the last post, I’ve moved! I moved out of my parents house, after roughly 26 years of living there (I’m 28, the first two years we lived in an apartment).

I feel as if some might think it’s a long time to live with my parents and I’d have to somewhat agree, but also I haven’t had much choice. I haven’t exactly stayed there because I wanted to, although it was comfortable and of course cheap (free) there were plenty of drawbacks. For example not being alone and being disturbed at any and all times unpredictably. It made it difficult to record regularly because I didn’t know if someone would suddenly shout at me from downstairs. Not to mention the noise my younger brother would make, sometimes suddenly yelling and shouting while playing various games.

So yeah. As of this writing I’ve been living on my own in my new apartment for about one and a half months. It’s been pretty great, although there was a short period where I had no internet for a bit which was annoying. But that got resolved within a few days at least which was acceptable.

Now, I chose to move to a city a fair bit away from the town my parents live outside of (a fair bit outside it surrounded by forest and fields). It just so happens to be the city I was born in, where we lived for about the first two years of my live. Of course I have no memory of this but I’ve been told. That’s not why I moved there though, and it wasn’t because I work there either. No, I work in another city, which is about as far from here as my parents house.

Nope, the reason I moved here is because my girlfriend live here. And I wanted to be closer to her of course. I always came over a couple of times a week which before meant driving double the distance from work and back, but now it’s just a stones throw away which is great. We’ve now also started being in my apartment instead of hers which is nice.

Having my own place feels strange, even after this time. It definitely feels like home, but I still sometimes get a weird feeling when I stop and think “All of this is mine”. It’s difficult to explain. It’s expensive though, moving for the first time. I’ve had to buy a whole bunch of things, some that I expected, and many that I didn’t really think about ahead of time.

I’ve bought a sofa, a U shaped modern style sofa which was a great purchase, only 3500 Kr whereas others of that type, or of the L shaped variety has gone for more than that. My dad thought it sounded expensive, but he’s just wrong I’m afraid. It was pretty cheap for a sofa of that type and completely undamaged. The reason I wanted a sofa like that was because my friend Filip had one and I liked it. And he had to pay more than I did for his.

The second major piece of furniture I bought was a shelf. It looks like this:Shelf

It’s a nice piece, one I only paid 500 Kr for. Another great purchase. I like it a lot. But my mom absolutely hated it. It was kind of funny how much she disliked it. She came up with several arguments against it, like how it was ugly and out-of-style and that it didn’t go with the sofa. All of it ridiculous. I fortunately do not think it’s ugly, and neither does Z. I also couldn’t care less about “style”, especially what my mom thinks about it. And what doesn’t go with a black sofa? Finally, after I’d bought it and absolutely refused to agree that it was ugly she relented and said something along the lines of “Well, it could be nice, if you painted it white”. And I didn’t know how to reply to that. Why would you do that to a nice dark piece like this?! It would be a travesty!

You can’t tell in this bad shot of it (cropped from a bigger picture of the room), but it’s the only picture I have at the moment, but it has metal handles on the doors that are really nice. Not to mention the glass doors on the right side, and the built-in lighting (though I need to change the bulbs to LED ones). If I remember I’ll make another post with some better shots of it, and maybe other parts of the apartment too.

The final major purchase so far is… a TV. The TV I got was a great purchase as well. A 50 inch smart-TV for only just over 4000 Kr, with shipping. I’m not sure why it was that low, but it really stood out amongst them, as a 40 inch TV were at least 10k if not more. It may have been an outdated model or something, but it doesn’t matter as long as it works.

Of course, me being me I have a computer hooked into it. Although that was a bit of an ordeal. I had gotten a 25m HDMI cable from my previous job for free, and I tried using it for this since it was the only one I had, but it didn’t work. But since both it and the TV were new I wasn’t sure which was broken, it could also feasibly have been the computer since I’d never used the HDMI in it before, although I later tried with another computer which also didn’t work, so that ruled that out, but it could still have been the TV.

So I had to order a new HDMI cable and wait for it to arrive, and once it finally did I was able to confirm that it was the 25m cable that was broken, which was a shame because I’m sure they cost quite a bit.

I plan on putting it on the wall eventually, but I thought I’d hold of on that until I’m sure where I want it and so it doesn’t break too quickly whereupon I’d have to take it down again.

The computer I have hooked into the TV isn’t very powerful. It has an i3 processor and just an integrated GPU which is not that great. I was very afraid it would be completely useless for playing games on. I have a computer at Z’s place that we’ve been using to watch movies on and play local-multiplayer games I have on steam. That computer has an i5 processor in it and have been sufficient for most games, most of which are 2D and fairly simple, though some of the ones with physics mechanics in them have felt a bit sluggish.

Fortunately, Steam allows you to “steam” games between different devices on the same network (I think they have to be at least) which I believe basically runs the game on a remote machine, while receiving controller input and sending the images to another machine. Thus I’m able to play something like Gang Beasts, which is a 3D physics-based beat-em-up game that we tried playing on the i5 but it was very laggy and there was significant input-delay which made it unplayable. But when streaming it, running the game on my main computer which has an i7, but getting the picture and having the controllers on the TVC it run perfectly, ignoring the presence of the i3. This is great because now I don’t have to worry about upgrading this computer much, as long as my main computer is present.

I think I’ll leave it there for now. I’d like to write some thoughts and things about my relationship with Z, but I seem to have written over a thousand words already, so I’ll leave that for another post, though I’m not sure if I’ll make that public or not… it might be too personal… I’m not sure.

So, ta for now!

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