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I’ve not written anything in a while. I realize I didn’t have a distinct plan for this blog thing when I set it up. It seems I’ve decided it’ll be a mix of personal stuff and posts about various projects.

Things are happening, good things! I just left a part-time job, that I held for about a month and a half, for a full time job at a place I worked earlier this year. At the time they weren’t able to keep two programmers on board, but now the other programmer left for a different job and I got to replace him.

I also have a girlfriend now! This is unprecedented event. I can’t describe how lucky I feel, at the same time I feel scared. Scared that I’ll somehow mess this up in such a way that she’ll leave me. It might be an irrational fear, but it’s there nonetheless.

I’ve been kept pretty busy recently. It is now Monday and I’ve worked full time at the new job for a week and it’s been great. At the end of last week I switched from the computer I was using when I last worked here to the one the other programmer had been using which is newer and more powerful. It also has the programs that the other guy had been using. I’ve of course added my own and removed some that I do not want (as well as update some of them).

I’m quite happy right now for a number of reasons. If this keeps going well I should be able to find an apartment in a few months. There’s the dilemma of whether I should live close to my girlfriend or close to work. The practical choice would be to live close to work, since I go there every day, and I only see her about twice per week, but on the other hand if I live close to her I could see her a lot more often which is incredibly enticing. I’ll probably pick that if I can.

As for the YouTube channel, which is another pretty major plot point in my life, it’s been pretty steady. It’s not really growing right now, hovering just above 900 subscribers (currently 922). Then again I don’t really expect it to grow. I don’t attempt to cater to anyone or attract viewers. I just do what I think is fun and interesting because I want to. It’s not like I ever have or intend to rely on this for money. So there is no incentive to sacrifice my own enjoyment for viewership.

That said there have been some hick-ups. The series I currently have running according to my schedule:




I’ve been keeping up with this schedule fine, except for the Guild Of Dungeoneering series, which I’ve now missed 3 episodes of. This is due to a combination of the publishing system being a broken mess, and me kind of having lost interest in the game enough to not be inclined to go out of my way to keep the series going when I lack time. Unfortunately the game is a bit repetitive, and there is relatively little story to be found. From what I’ve played so far it’s appeared in larger chunks between the different areas. Beyond that it’s pretty much just fighting and some building. I am going to get it going again though. The next episode is due in three days and I don’t plan on letting a fourth slip through. I intend to finish this series properly. I don’t want another suspended series laying there gathering dust. However after completing it I’ll probably leave that slot empty for now instead of immediately replacing it with a new series. The Linelight series is fairly short and all pre-recorded and ending in a couple of months from now. I will start a new series when that ends instead.

I have a number of games I would like to run series on, and if I had all the time I would. But currently there is a queue, and it’s getting a bit long.

That’ll do for this massive life update I suppose. I think I’ve written enough for now.

Of course I don’t expect anyone to actually read any of this. But writing it for myself is fine too. And hey, if you did read this I hope it was interesting in some way.


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