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Hello! Here’s another update about the art-counter system! Just in case that interests anyone besides me! (Seems unlikely)

I’ve kept drawing, but I’ve lowered the rate a bit. I’ve also made a lot of changes to the art-counter system I talked about in a previous post. The system started out simple and then grew as it usually goes. But it ended up growing to a point, and in a direction that ultimately was not desirable. The number of different options had grown into a long list that made it very clunky to use as you can see here.

I had added a lot of different types of work I would do, or thought I might do at some point. And different combinations of these work types. It wasn’t very efficient, and I realized that. So I set out to re-design it completely.

So instead of having a long list of pre-defined tasks and combinations of tasks I wanted something where I could define a number of separate options, each with their own point values, and then when adding an entry I could pick from them, the score would be added up and added to the total.

What we end up with is a system where I can pick and choose the bits that applies to the current piece. As you may notice from the picture I’ve also added shading, and since then inking. It was in fact when I was going to add inking that I realized how long the list would become and decided to re-design it. Instead what we’ve ended up with is an interface like this.

While this new system also has some list they’re not very long at all. I’ve implemented three different types of items.  The very first option which says “created” is not really an option. It’s a static selector which can be either “created” or “worked on”. And it’s not worth any points. All it does is change how the line starts as we’ll see later.

The first actual item is the Tasks. The tasks are the checkbox items and are of course inclusive. Since during a session I could have one or more of those, and since a session can consist of working on a previously sketched picture for example, none of them are required. Each is worth 1 point.

The next item is the Modifiers. There is currently only one modifier which would the “Character(s)”. Modifiers are a number, and depending on that number it will apply a bonus to the total score by multiplying it. The character modifier will provide a +50% bonus for every additional character. So the score for the modifier, in the background is 1.5, but this is not applied when the number is 1. When it’s 2 however it would apply a bonus like this

new_score = old_score x 1.5

When the value is 3 it would do this

new_score = old_score x 1.5 x 1.5

The final item is the Detail. This is exclusive which means you can only choose one at a time. The current options are “None” which not really a detail, it’s just the default and is worth 0 points, “Partial Background” which is worth 1 point, and “Background” which is worth 2 points. These are simply added to the total score after the modifiers, which is important, because the number of characters in the piece don’t really affect the background all that much.

That’s pretty much it. A line in the log now looks like this

You may need to click on that to see anything. But as you can see it has all the details in it, except Character(s) is excluded because there is only one, which you can assume. There is also a timer for inking, and one for shading. The timers have been re-worked as well, but they haven’t really changed functionally. They’re just no longer hard-coded and adding additional timers is really easy now.

It might also be worth mentioning that I’ve changed how much score I loose every day. Initially it was one point per day (and the number went up, not down like it does now) but a while ago I changed it to 0.5. I couldn’t keep up with the rate at the time, though then there also weren’t a lot of options. I could pretty much only get 2 points per drawing or so. Now if I create an inked and colored drawing I get at least 3.

But that will be it for this update! I’ll see you in the next one!

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