The Space Game Concepts

For those who don’t know what “the Space Game” is, it’s the working title for my browser based space game. And while I have made a couple of working prototypes none of them are currently in working condition.

I’m writing down my concepts here for reference and feedback. These are working ideas and may change at a whim.

These will probably mostly be about game mechanics but also some backstory of flavor of varying degrees.

The Backstory

Somewhere in an unknown part of the universe there dwells a race known only as “the builders”.

They build the massive planet sized ships and give them to new races as they discover interstellar flight. Why they do this is unknown.

Each of these ships harbors an artificial intelligence that, unbeknownst to the race that occupies the ship, is sentient. While the organic life that lives on the ship may believe they rule this world, in fact the AI controls everything by commanding the ships systems and manipulating the ruling body of the organics.

This AI is you. As you work towards your goals you will see generation after generation of the race left in your care pass by.

Will you help them survive, or lead them to their doom…



The world will consist mainly of systems. A system is a star that has one or more planets orbiting it.

There may also be some phenomena that are not tied to systems such as nebula that will work as an obstacle for fleets out on missions.


A system consists of a star of which there will be multiple types. The type of star helps determine what kinds of planets are likely to be found in this system. It will also help determine the condition of these planets.

The system will also contain at least one planet. Additionally there may be other content such as asteroid belts, moons etc (Suggestions here).

A system will be considered one unit on the world map. And it’s attributes will be determined by it’s contents.

For example, if a system contains one or more planets that has a comm-relay installation then the system will have the comm-relay attribute (for the player who owns the installations). And if one or more planets have mining installations then their combined output will be the systems resource production.

A system can be occupied by multiple players at once.

Planets & Moons

A planet can only exist within a system. A planet can be of several types, climates and sizes which are partially determined by the sun type of their system as well as their position within the system.

A planets size and type determines the available surface area that can be used for various kinds of construction. For example a planet that mostly consist of mountains have less available area than a desert planet, but in turn may not require specific construction methods adapted to desert environments.

A planets type also affects the available energy sources as well as the sun type of the system. For example a planet that is supporting life may have large deposits of fossil-fuel that would provide a relatively cheap energy source, while a barren planet may only have access to solar and wind energy and thus is only able to support operations that does not require a lot of energy.

A planet can in turn have one or more moons orbiting them which can provide additional surface area


Research will not be represented as a tree or similar that can be checked and planned ahead with at any time. Instead for research to become available there has to be a need.

For example, a race encountering it’s first desert planet may try to settle on it using it’s existing building techniques which may not be suited for that environment. This results in high maintenance cost for buildings until they can be adapted to the environment, which is where research would come in.

Research may also become available as a side effect of researching something else.

The Flagship

The home of your race. This is essentially a very high-tech portable planet. There will be a number of buildings and modules available but a limited space for both.

Buildings are constructed within the ship and make up the infrastructure of your society. They are what the regular people interact with on a daily basis.

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