Falling into Fallout 1

When Fallout 4 came out I thought it’d be nice to try starting a lets-play of it alongside my Minecraft series. I lowered the frequency of videos from that series to make room for a new one and started playing and recording.

I quickly noticed that my computer didn’t enjoy running Fallout 4 and recording at the same time, just like it’s been having trouble with Minecraft (although not quite that bad).

Not having enough money for a new computer I powered through it and kept playing. But eventually a friend tells me he thinks I should suspend the series until I can fix my computer to be able to run it properly.
He also suggests I should play Fallout 1 instead. And having built up a buffer of Fallout 4 videos to last a while I thought about it while the buffer ran through.

When the time came to either suspend it or record more videos I finally decided to give the original Fallout a try. And since the recording worked fine I went along with it and suspended the Fallout 4 series until further notice and I’ve started playing through Fallout 1 instead.

And… it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

The interface is pretty terrible. Lots of clicking to do simple things, lacking tooltips, and so on. Things typical of ancient games, not because of technical limitations for the most part. Just terrible standards for interface design. We have it so much better nowadays.

But the game itself is pretty good for the most part. There are some things that have bugged me so far. One of them is something that happened recently. I was being chased by a gang in Junktown. They were trying to kill me with knives. Their leader was brandishing a gun. I ran past a Junktown guard. He didn’t react.

When I first encountered this gang in the hotel in Junktown and talked to them I said something that made them want to kill me. They beat me to a pulp and killed me and I couldn’t get away since they surrounded me and locked me in. So I died and reloaded and went back there.

This time though I pulled the first punch by killing the woman standing outside their room and then throwing a couple of grenades into it. They then tried to charge me in the corridor outside. I managed to kill most of them and was then chased by a couple of them and ran back to the store which had two guards outside of it. I expected these guards to assist me in killing the remaining two gang members, instead they attacked me! I don’t know why, it might have been because I attacked first this time.

I then reloaded to an earlier save, which unfortunately was way before I got to Junktown, so I had to replay a chunk of the game to get back there. And this time I went through the conversation again, causing them to attack. After a few tries trying to avoid being surrounded again and escaping the room I managed to get outside to where there was a guard. The guard who completely ignored us. Wonderful.

But other than this incident the game’s been pretty good. For a game from 1997. We’ll see if it continues being good until the end.

If you’re interested you can catch up to the lets-play with this playlist.

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