Past the 100th episode

It’s a new year! I changed the theme of this blog to one that was created for the new 2016 version of WordPress called “Twenty Sixteen”. I like it.

A bunch of things has happened since the last post. I’ve published over a hundred episodes of the Minecraft lets-play, I’ve started another lets-play series of Fallout 4, which then got suspended, replaced by a lets-play of the original Fallout. It’s fun.

Fallout was also more fun than I thought it’d be. You can read more about my thoughts on that here.

The 100th tilecard!
The 100th title card!

But back to the overall things! A hundred episodes! When I started I didn’t expect to be making that many. I’m going to keep going of course. It’ll probably be several hundred before the series end. I can’t really say.

Like I’ve mentioned in the videos sometimes I don’t have a specific end-goal in mind. I just intend to keep playing until I run out of things to do. Of places to explore, worlds to exploit, things to build. When I get bored I’ll end the series, and probably put the time into a new one. Maybe it’ll be Minecraft related, maybe not.

I mainly started the series for myself. I want to play Minecraft. I really do. But the other times I’ve built my own mod-pack and started playing, eventually I get distracted by other things and stop. So I thought, if I start a series, I’ll have a reason to continue playing to maintain the schedule and series, as a form of motivation. And so far it’s worked! And only because I wanted to start another series did I change the schedule. And there will probably be more changes in the future as I start and end series. That’s pretty much a guarantee.

Green arrows are good!
Green arrows are good!

According to the stats YouTube provides things are going well (I think). I’m no expert on reading stats, and my numbers are still very small. But hopefully they’ll grow over time! While I have almost 700 subscribed people most of the views (about 81% in the current period) come from people who are not subscribed. And while the lets-plays only get around 40 views or so the first week after the episode was published I’m still happy people are watching at all! It’s encouraging! And I’m sure more people will come along with time!

Things have also changed in other areas. The way I publish videos has changed dramatically from when I started. But that’s a whole post by itself that you’ll find here! In brief I now have a reliable system that publishes videos according to my schedule which is wonderful! It wasn’t easy to figure out the YouTube API, but definitely worth it.

I’ve also started developing desktop applications! The first one is “Forecaster’s Railcraft Routing Table Editor”.

The Application In Question
The Application In Question

This is useful when and only when you want to write a routing table for Railcraft and want to be sure it’s going to work how you want. The application’s main purpose is to parse the page and tell you if there are any errors, and if there are none it will display the items in the page in a tree structure which tells you how they are connected!

A colorful tree.
A colorful tree.

If you want to download this application (for windows/linux) you can download the latest appropriate version from the release page on GitHub here!

The application has a couple more features that you can find out about by watching this video I made about it here.

I think that’ll do it with writing for now! Here’s to another few hundred videos over this year!

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