Terrible, terrible excitement

I’m not sure “excitement” is the right word… anticipation is more fitting maybe… I just know that “love” is perhaps too early to use.

But I really like Malin! She’s cute and sweet in a way I can’t put into words beyond that. And we share some interest in cartoons and shows and reading (though I rarely give myself time to read anymore, and have too many D&D podcasts to catch up to to listen to audio books).

As usual I have scant few clues as to what she thinks of me. We’ve had a total of two dates now, the second was yesterday. I invited her to my place for some dinner and a chat, basically. I had made some pan fried chicken with potato gratin, with a simple lettuce, paprika & cucumber salad and some home-made dressing-type thing. Nothing to write home about.

In total I think we spent about two hours or so (she arrived around 4pm and left a bit before 6pm I think) talking about this and that, and towards the end we were looking through my library of TV-shows and talking about them.

She then said she wanted to go home and rest, since she’d been participating in the graduation ceremony that had taken place today and was quite tired.

I thought it went well overall, although we didn’t end up having desert or anything which was slightly unfortunate, but oh well. She said she liked the food and that we should meet another time. Of course I’m worried that she was just being polite. Anxiety over whether this is similar to the last woman I met up with (which doesn’t happen very often) where she said something similar at the end of the first date, but then told me over text that she didn’t want to meet again.

We’ve already met twice now though, so it’s certainly looking better than that time. And Malin says she shows she talks too much, but I don’t mind listening at all. I’m arguably better at listening than talking anyway.

I just hope she likes me, and that I don’t do or say anything to mess things up…

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