New server online!

And other updates.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the last public post on here.

The New Server

Unfortunately I’d been having issues with my server. It gets fairly technical, but suffice to say that it had gotten quite outdated. Both with the software and hardware. Mostly due to the tiny hard drive it had of only 120 GB or so.

Quite a while ago the blog simply broke when updating plugins and WordPress because the server was so outdated. And unfortunately I wasn’t able to update the server. It had gotten to the point where it simply wouldn’t update. If I’d kept up with updates like you are supposed to it would probably have been fine.

I just ignored the broken blog and stopped using it since my other sites still worked. Since they’re much simpler and of my own design they’re not as sensitive to the outdated server.

However this also changed a few days ago now when I for some reason decided to attempt an update of the OS, even though I was pretty sure it’d fail once again. This time though it didn’t refuse, it started performing the update, but partway through it broke down, and in doing so it messed up the web server completely. Causing all my websites to go offline.

This is when I had to scramble to get my replacement server set up. I’d been working on and off on getting it up and running with up-to-date software as well as a bunch of hardware upgrades. The most significant being a 2 TB hard drive.

And now as I’m writing this the switch is complete. It’s taken me a few days to get everything transferred off of the old server and into this new one, and there’s still a couple of things I need to do before I can shut it off for the last time. But those aren’t really critical unlike getting my sites back up.

I’m also happy that with the updated software I can now use more things that were incompatible with the previous server, as well as continue working on a major project of mine that had stalled for the same reason.


In other news I’m now out of a job. I’m currently looking for a new one which has been slow. I did kind of put that aside for a bit while I was getting the server back in order, but now I need to re-focus on this.

I’m fine for now, but I will need a new job soon or I’ll be in trouble. I’d prefer to avoid having to move back in with my parents. But if I can’t make rent I’ll have no other choice. Hopefully it wont come to that.

What’s been lost

It’s apparently been about 10 months since the breakup. I still think of her now and then. I miss her. I guess that’s what love is. It’s a shame it didn’t remain mutual. Attempts to find someone else hasn’t panned out so far.

I don’t really have many criteria. Pretty much the only ones are these:

  1. No dogs (because I’m allergic)
  2. No kids
  3. No smoking or chewing (because ew)

Unfortunately the women I’ve talked to don’t really talk back much which is frustrating. I guess I’m just too boring.

To close

Just after I started writing this post a piece broke on the note-stand that is attached to my chair and holds my keyboard. That’s great. Gonna have to find a way to either fix it, though it’s metal and most likely can’t be fixed, or find a replacement. Preferably something sturdier.

Anyway. I’m going to see if I can write here more often now that things are back up and running.

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